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Cynthia Ellingsen , is a commercial fiction author and a screenwriter. Shortly after college, she moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. In , Cynthia made the move to Kentucky to marry a Lexington native. She wrote her first novel while living at Merrick Place. Sherry Chandler , is the author of Weaving a New Eden. Her work has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Her work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. Williams, a wood carver.

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The River Within. Ron Rayborne. About Ron Rayborne:. Mark Onspaugh. Tony Piazza:. New Book! A Murder Amongst Angels:. A Murder Amongst Angels is an nostalgic, hard-boiled detective mystery that takes readers back to the era of Chandler and Hammett, while creating a niche all its own. Available at Amazon. Also in e-book format. Piazza New book Murder Amongst Angels. Written and Illustrated by Beryl Reichenberg. The story begins with a birthday party for Freda the Frog and a yummy chocolate cake, but when all the animals were playing hide and seek, Freda noticed that her cake was missing.

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  5. Soon everyone was on the hunt for clues that would lead to the missing cake. A good example of this is seen when Molly the Mouse imagined all kinds of wild monsters when they discovered the clue of the big footprints! Reichenberg successfully brings out the typical as we know it character traits of the animals; for example, Molly the Mouse is timid, Jackie Jay has a sharp eye and is very observant, and Rocky the Racoon is very inquisitive - playing the part of the detective and leading the group to look for clues.

    The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake encourages bravery, observation, friendship and kindness. It shows the importance of working together as a team and has a good lesson about kindness that can be grasped quite easily by readers of all ages. The illustrations of the animals are uniquely blended with photography of scenes of nature. This lends to the realistic imagery of the book. Connect with the author and check out other fun reads by Beryl Reichenberg on her blog! Butterfly Girls by Beryl Reichenberg:. Butterfly Girls is about two sisters who find a chrysalis in their backyard.

    When the Monarch butterfly emerges, she teaches them to fly and takes them on amazing adventures. But the little girls soon learn that Monarch butterflies migrate south for the winter. Deeply disappointed, they must wait until spring for new adventures. Young children from ages three to eight will enjoy reading this fantasy and learning about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies.

    Barbara is also host of:. Paul Allen Fahey. If one had to fit Your Mother Should Know into a timeline with the other two books, it would slide quite nicely into the first act of When the Right One Comes Along, before Philip meets his true soul mate and eventually settles down in a relationship. Mother had been ill for several years, off and on, and when her oncologist offered her the opportunity that would hopefully buy her more time, we both jumped at the chance. Mother and I were in L. The hospital was located near the center of the chaos.

    Television coverage of the looting and violence was nonstop and the major topic of conversation at the hospital. Yes and no. Often writers have to fictionalize events and imagine characters to enrich a story, add excitement and keep the reader reading. So in structuring the plot and characters, I did the same. The Idea The story idea came to me some years after my mother passed away and began with the following WHAT IF: What if an elderly mother and her middle-aged gay son took a wrong turn on an L.

    How would he shepherd his ailing mother through the madness raging around them? Who would they meet? Who would be helpful and what roadblocks would occur along the way to provide obstacles in their path? I hope you enjoy Your Mother Should Know. Paul Alan Fahey paulalanfahey. Your Mother Should Know:. Philip feels in control of his life undefined at least until his best friend, Jonathan, contracts AIDS, passes away, and leaves him feeling disconnected and uncertain about the future.

    Then the one steady influence in his life, his mother, becomes seriously ill.

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    The doctor who makes the diagnosis of ovarian cancer is not hopeful. Once his mother commits to the treatment plan, there is nothing Philip can do but follow the blueprint they both hope will lead to her recovery. In late April , Philip accompanies his mother to Los Angeles for her monthly treatment. When he accidentally takes a wrong turn off the freeway, all hell breaks lose.

    Suddenly they find themselves in the center of the Rodney King riots.

    Gunshots ring out. Helicopters hover overhead. People loot and vandalize stores while others burn and overturn vehicles. Fires spring up all over the city. In unfamiliar territory, Philip must guide his mother through this labyrinth of chaos to safety. Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!


    Click here:. Paul Fahey is also the Author of:. Hysteria reigns supreme. Actors are reluctant to kiss gay costars because they believe saliva carries the virus. Others worry about sharing dishes and silverware. To add to the mix, what medical science doesn't know about this devastating illness could fill a condom the size of the Hindenburg. Philip is not GQ gorgeous. The melting of the ice coincides with Sasha's unfaithfulness and sudden departure for Russia.

    The desolate Orlando returns to writing The Oak Tree, a long poem started and abandoned in his youth. He meets and hospitably entertains an invidious poetaster , Nicholas Greene, who proceeds to find fault with Orlando's writing.