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Int J Dev Biol. Activity- and BDNF-induced plasticity of miniature synaptic currents in ES cell-derived neurons integrated in a neocortical network. J Neurophysiol. Human neural stem cells differentiate and promote locomotor recovery in spinal cord-injured mice. Potential effects of certain persistent organic pollutants and endocrine disrupting chemicals on the health of children. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. Induction of myelination in the central nervous system by electrical activity. Cytosine arabinoside induces apoptosis in cerebellar neurons in culture.

J Neurochem. The choroid plexus in the rise, fall and repair of the brain. Neurotoxicity of dibutyltin in aggregating brain cell cultures. Microglial reaction induced by noncytotoxic methylmercury treatments lead to neuroprotection via interaction with astrocytes and IL-6 release.

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Alternative non-animal methods for cosmetics testing: Current status and future prospects, A report prepared in the context of the 7th amendment to the cosmetics directive for establishing the timetable for phasing out animal testing. Brussels:European Commission. Behavioral toxicology, risk assessment, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Polychlorinated biphenyls disturb differentiation of normal human neural progenitor cells: clue for involvement of thyroid hormone receptors. Does the developmental neurotoxicity of chlorpyrifos involve glial targets?

Macromolecular synthesis, adenylyl cyclise signalling, nuclear transcription factors, and formation of reactive oxygen in C6 glioma cells. The ECVAM international validation study on in vitro embryotoxicity tests: results of the definitive phase and evaluation of prediction models.

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Progesterone increases oligodendroglial cell proliferation in rat cerebellar slice cultures. Migration and function of a glial subtype in the vertebrate peripheral nervous system. Targeting of amacrine cell neurites to appropriate synaptic laminae in the developing zebrafish retina. Functional plasticity triggers formation and pruning of dendritic spines in cultured hippocampal networks. Nerve growth factor prevents the death and stimulates the neuronal differentiation of clonal PC12 pheochromocytoma cells in serum-free medium.

J Cell Biol. Dendritic development: lessons from Drosophila and related branches.

Responsiveness of astrocytes in serum-free aggregate cultures to epidermal growth factor: dependence on the cell cycle and the epidermal growth factor concentration. Dev Neurosci. Increasing uptake and bioactivation with development positively modulate diazinon toxicity in early life stage medaka Oryzias latipes Toxicol Sci. The integrated project ReProTect: a novel approach in reproductive toxicity hazard assessment. Reprod Toxicol. Axonal growth of embryonic stem cell-derived motoneurons in vitro and in motoneuron-injured adult rats.

In vitro techniques for the assessment of neurotoxicity. New directions in neuronal migration.


Green-fluorescence-protein-expressing mice as models for the study of axonal growth and regeneration in vitro. Brain Res Rev. GABA-A receptors regulate neocortical neuronal migration in vitro and in vivo. Cereb Cortex. Distribution of prospective glutamatergic, glycinergic, and GABAergic neurons in embryonic and larval zebrafish. J Comp Neurol. Single cell lineage and regionalization of cell populations during Medaka neurulation. Biochemical differentiation in serum-free aggregating brain cell cultures. New York:Plenum Press, — Honegger P, Matthieu JM. Aggregating brain cell cultures: a model to study meylination and demeylination.

Berlin:Springer Verlag, — Honegger P, Monnet-Tschudi F. Aggregating neural cell cultures. In: Protocols for Neural Cell Culture. Fedoroff S, Richardson A, eds.

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Ottawa:Humana Press, — Honegger P, Richelson E. Neurotransmitter synthesis, storage and release by aggregating cell cultures of rat brain. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. Chlorpyrifos exerts opposing effects on axonal and dendritic growth in primary neuronal cultures. Wiring the zebrafish: axon guidance and synaptogenesis. Axonogenesis in the medaka embryonic brain. A strategy to reduce the use of fish in acute ecotoxicity testing of new chemical substances notified in the European Union.

Regul Toxicol Pharmacol.

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Synaptogenesis: insights from worm and fly. Characterization of Drosophila mini-me, a gene required for cell proliferation and survival. Inflammatory neurodegeneration induced by lipoteichoic acid from Staphylococcus aureus is mediated by glia activation, nitrosative and oxidative stress, and caspase activation. Mol Biochem Parasitol.

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Measurement of electrical activity of long-term mammalian neuronal networks on semiconductor neurosensor chips and comparison with conventional microelectrode arrays. Biosens Bioelectron. Second-messenger responses associated with stimulation of neuronal muscarinic receptors expressed by human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y. Prog Brain Res. Osteogenic protein-1 induces dendritic growth in rat sympathetic neurons. Antenatal diagnosis of central nervous system anomalies: can we predict prognosis? J Child Neurol. Developmental apoptosis in C.

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Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. Selective cell association of catecholamine neurons in brain aggregates in vitro. In vitro aberrant gene expression as the indicator of lead-induced neurotoxicity in UMG cells. CNS stem and progenitor cell differentiation into functional neuronal circuits in three-dimensional collagen gels. PC12 cells as a model to study the effects of opiods on normal and tumoral adrenal chromaffin cells.