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Prentiss, Orlando, Florida. Tell us the title and publisher of your book:. Tell us about yourself:I am a retired teacher and college professor who has spent most my life working with troubled kids, which is the subject matter for my book. When was the book released? February, It concerns a year-old boy who runs away after the death of his parents and has many adventures and crises as he tries to find his way. He gets in trouble with the law, detention, court, and probation.

What inspired you to write this book? Many parts of the book are based on my own experiences as a teenager and later ones as I worked with troubled kids and our seven troubled foster sons. I mainly wrote it to try to understand better this same period in my own life and what might have happened if I had run away as planned to do. What bothers me is why, as a very successful kid, I also had such severe behavioral, physical, and psychological problems. All of this I am trying to sort out in the book. How is your book different from other books in this genre?

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Salvatore Robert Froio , Halmstad, Sweden. The title of my novel is Saga of the Unwritten War Diary. Tell us about yourself:.


I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to California. As a former drama student at the University of California in Los Angeles, I have appeared in numerous stage plays.

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I presently live in Sweden having a small production studio, taping local events and documentaries. Give us an overview of your book.

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  • A diary passed on from one generation to the next, unwritten in save for a couple of short notes and a tiny photograph. This diary, originating in Germany, made its way back and forth between the USA and Germany, and through two world wars. Passed on from Father to son, and down again, the story originally follows Siegfried as he makes his move from Germany to the USA. Several years later, Siegfried finds himself back in Germany with his wife and son. Siegfried leaves behind not only his son, but leaves a parting gift of the diary, with blank pages awaiting entries.

    Several years later, Tom Ness, a young American boy receives the diary from a returning war veteran as it was tossed out the window of a passing train. When Tom grows up, he sets to unravel the mystery of the diary, largely unwritten in and containing a small photograph of a woman and a child. Fabian also has some inner conflict with the whole idealism: what he was brought up to know versus the current German propaganda.

    However, he ends up on the German side, partially due to peer pressure from the father a propaganda worker no less of the woman he wishes to marry. Tom Ness grows up to become a journalist and follows the clues to uncover the mystery of the unwritten war diary. Inspiration to this book came from an actual experience when I was nine years old. The Rebel Shore. Musicant, Ivan. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Page, Dave. Rutledge Hill Press, Porter, David Dixon. The Naval History of the Civil War. Secaucus, New Jersey: Castle, Ragan, Mark K. Campbell, California: Savas Publishing, Roberts, William H.

    www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/mexico/large-passions-dating-site.php Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, Scarf, J. Silverstone, Pal H. Warships of the Civil War Navies. Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, Smith, Jr. Sprunt, James. Tales of the Cape Fear Blockade. Wilmington, North Carolina: Cornelius Thomas, Stern, Philip Van Doren Still, Jr. Confederate Shipbuilding.